7 Methods to Make USD 10000 per Month on Amazon Without Selling Physical Items

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Selling things on Amazon isn’t for everyone. You might not have money to buy items to sell, or you might not know what to buy. But if you want to make money on Amazon, there are other ways. You don’t need any money to start and can make USD 10000 per month on Amazon without selling physical items. Thank you for being here, and let’s get started.

Monetize Knowledge on AVD

Many of you might not know about Amazon VideoDirect (AVD). You can actually sell courses on Amazon. To start, find a topic you’re passionate or knowledgeable about. You can use AI tools to find trending topics with less competition.

With AVD, your earnings depend on how many hours viewers watch your course. For example, a popular course with 500 hours of viewing each month could earn around $1,000. If you have more courses and hours, you could make up to $10,000 or $11,000 per month.

To create a course, first choose a topic. Use AI for ideas or pick something you know well. You don’t need many details; just a high-level description of what you want to offer. Go to chat GPT and get that description. In minutes, you’ll have a professional course outline.

You can use an avatar of yourself to record the course without actually sitting down and recording it. The avatar can speak your course text and act like a real person teaching the class. This way, it takes very little effort to create your course content.

After finishing your course, go to Amazon Video Direct and upload it. Your course can reach many people with Amazon Prime. They can learn from your course without extra cost. This is good because you don’t need to find people to watch or pay for your course. Amazon shares some of their money with you.

Uploading your course is easy. Create an account and follow Amazon’s rules. Soon, your course will be on Amazon AVD, and you can make money without selling physical products.

Amazon Affiliate Earnings

You can make money on Amazon by becoming an affiliate marketer. This is popular because you can earn a lot without much work. To know more please search videos on YouTube about how to use the Amazon Associates program and where to share your affiliate links. You can find plenty of tutorial videos.

You don’t need a big following to start. Just sign up for Amazon affiliates and make one sale in 90 days. You can share links in video descriptions, blogs, or social media like Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. When people click your link and buy something, you make money.

The earning potential is big. You can earn 1-10% from sales, depending on the product category. To make more money, you need to sell more products.

Share your affiliate links in many places and get customers to click and buy. For example, if someone clicks your link to buy a microphone and buys a TV instead, you still get paid. You get a commission for everything they buy in the next 24 hours. If they put it in their cart and buy it within 90 days, you get paid too.

Earning $10,000 in sales is not hard when you have many followers. With a 5% commission rate, you can make $10,000 on Amazon without selling any products yourself.

Amazon Print-on-Demand

Print-on-demand is a way to make money on Amazon without buying and reselling physical products. Merch by Amazon makes it easy to enter the print-on-demand market. When you create a design, it shows up on different products. You just pick a price and add a description.

It’s an easy way to start your store without making a design. It’s great for beginners and doesn’t cost much. To make $2,500 with Amazon Merch on Demand, you need to sell 500 items with a $5 royalty each. For example, if you sell a product for $25 and get $5 as Royalty, selling 500 items will make you $2,500. To make up to $10,000, just sell more over time.

Earn with Amazon Home Services

The fourth way to make money on Amazon without selling things is by offering professional services. Amazon has a part called Amazon Home Services (AHS) that lets experts help many customers.

Have you heard of AHS? AHS lets you offer services like fixing things in houses or cleaning. To join, you need to tell Amazon about your skills and pass a background check. This keeps customers safe and happy.

Once you’re approved, you can start getting jobs. You set the price for your service and say where you can work. Customers can find and book your services, just like buying a product on Amazon.

Imagine you have a deep cleaning business and charge $200 for each job. If you clean 50 places a month using Amazon Home Services, you can make $10,000 in a month. Amazon already has many customers, so it’s a good place for your business.

Earn with Amazon Ads

You can make money on Amazon without selling a physical product by using Amazon Native Shopping Ads (ANSA) on your blog. If you have a blog or want to start one, adding these ads can help you earn money.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads work like Google AdSense, but they are from Amazon. You place ads on your blog, and when people buy through these ads, you earn a commission. Your blog can be on your own website.

To use these ads, sign up for Amazon’s associate program and add the ads to your blog content. This way, you earn money when visitors click on the ads and buy something. The ads match your content, so visitors have a good experience.

To make $10,000 with ANSA, you need about 20 cents per ad click. With an average commission rate of 4%, a conversion rate of 10%, and an average sale price of $50, you need 50,000 clicks. This means having 2.5 million ad impressions. It might seem like a lot, but you can start small and grow over time.

You can begin with a small blog. If it gets 500,000 views and 100,000 visitors each month, you can reach $10,000 in about five months. This is one way to earn money on Amazon.

Earning with Amazon Audiobooks

You can make money on Amazon without selling things. One way is by making audiobooks. Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) lets you put your audiobooks on Amazon Audible. It’s free and easy to use. Just write a book and have someone read it, or read it yourself.

If you sell 1,000 audiobooks for $10 each, you can make about $4,000 with a 40% royalty. To make $10,000, you need to sell about 2,500 audiobooks. This is another way to make money on Amazon without selling stuff.

Profiting with Amazon KDP

The last way to make money on Amazon is by using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). You can publish your stories and reach readers all over the world. You don’t need a publisher because you can self-publish your books on Amazon. When you sell a book on KDP, you earn about 70% of the price.

You can sell e-books, audiobooks, or printed books. Amazon takes care of printing and shipping the books to customers. For a book priced at $4.99, you will get about $3.49 for each sale. To make $10,000, you need to sell about 2,866 books.

It might take a month or a year to sell that many books. You may need to use social media to tell people about your book and send them to Amazon. But it is possible to do it.

To be successful on Amazon, you need to work hard, be creative, and use the tools they offer. Start with one method, learn new skills, and try other ways to make money over time.

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